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High quality houses are made of the best materials

Our factories have well over a hundred years of collective experience, but our longest-running venture is our timber log house factory in Rakvere, Estonia, which has continuously produced milled log houses for over seventy years, making it the oldest wooden house factory in the Baltic States.


Want a view of the outdoors that will be just as beautiful as it is energy efficient? Look no further than our wood-aluminium or pine/spruce window selection. They not only keep out unwanted temperature changes but also help block ambient noise. In addition to being highly functional – all our windows come in an array of natural tones.


Upgrade the entrance to your garden shed with a door that’s guaranteed quality. Our selection of spruce and pine choices will provide long-lasting strength, durability and thermal insulation you can rely on.


Step into summer bliss with the help of our fabulous folding and sliding doors! Create a beautiful gazebo experience in your own backyard, turning your garden shed into an outdoor haven where you can bask in sunshine all day long.



When it comes to constructing buildings, using the right wall materials is key. For added strength and comfort in hot or cold climates, insulated walls are your best choice. Thicker insulation typically offers more protection from extreme temperatures.


Transform your building and make a statement with our products! Choose from grand, rustic logs to give it an elegant charm; vibrant laminated logs for eye-catching beauty or insulated walls that are both stylish and energy efficient. With us, you can bring any type of design dream into reality!


Timber log profiles and insulated walls

Different building types require different types of wall material to provide the necessary structural integrity and also sufficient thermal resistance. For better thermal resistance levels we produce wall constructions which are insulated from the outside or from the inside. The usual rule of thumb usually is that a thicker wall means better insulation and better thermal stability.

Our products have three types of wall construction depending upon the purpose of the building: massive logs, laminated logs, or insulated wall constructions.

90 x 160 mm massive log

165 x 180 mm laminated log

Insulated wall constructions

Everything included for a trouble-free assembly

Our flat packs have all the materials and fixings included for trouble-free installation. We also provide an easy-to-follow instruction manual with all of our products. Read more about assembly HERE

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