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As one of the largest and most experienced wooden product providers

As a factory-owned store, we design, make and sell all our products ourselves. No extra contractors, no middle men, no additional delays. Just quality buildings, speedy delivery and fantastic prices. As a result we can and will price match the same Imported Nordic-Wood Products with all same Size and Technical Specifications we will not only match on price but offer an additional 10% off.

GardenHouse24Direct specializes in supplying and retailing high-quality timber products. Our Nordic-quality timber products cater to both individual and business customers. Our product range is available throughout Canada and the world.

We have over 75 years of wooden building manufacturing experience and extensive knowledge of the biggest markets in the world. Our customer-focused service includes delivering and installing individual buildings or large batches of them. We also provide various additional services to meet the requirements of our customers.

Apart from garden rooms, sheds, saunas, and garages, our product range includes lofts and log houses suitable for residential or summer use. With a range of wall profiles and insulation materials, we can provide customized solutions that meet our customer’s needs, including turning a product into a home.

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