Why should you have your own garden office?

Home offices are often made out of spare rooms, isolated corners and perhaps kitchen tables at home. It’s a convenient solution for short-term remote work, but with the household chores breathing on the neck, and kids running around, might not be the most productive of spaces.

This is where garden offices come to the rescue! Imagine a private, productive space just a few strides away from the house, at the bottom of your garden. A designated work area that allows you to do the best work of your life. A place where productivity can flourish.

Nowadays your home office can be as well-equipped as any city-based office, which means that remote work is becoming more and more of a permanent work arrangement. If this is the way you want to go, a private garden office is a must-have.

What’s even better, you’ll soon have the money spent on your personal office saved up by avoiding the daily commute!

A high-quality wooden garden office with proper care can last for decades. And if someday you have a change of heart, your office can easily be transformed into anything from a garden annexe to a teenage den, a guest room, a playroom, a garden workshop etc.

An investment into Nordic quality timber garden office is money well-spent. Don’t hesitate and search for reasons not to elevate your productivity to another level. Have a look at our home offices and choose the one that suits you best.

Classic and contemporary styles

Your garden office can basically be any product from our classical and contemporary garden house lineup. Depending on the style that suits your garden, required functionality and space requirements, you can filter the products to easily find the ones that you like.

We are constantly updating our range of garden buildings to offer an unparalleled variety of Nordic quality garden rooms.

Benefits of a garden office

    • No commute – We spend countless hours of our life sitting in traffic jams, waiting for buses and taxis that always seem to be late or get soaked by the rain if we decide to walk or bike to the office once in a while. Eliminating daily commutes is a massive boost to your quality of life. Try it out and see for yourself!
    • Improved balance between home and work – Shifting your work from the house to a separate building is a boost to your productivity but also family relationships. Designating a separate space for work and leaving it there after you finish is a key to healthy relationships and helps you enjoy both work and time with your loved ones more.
    • Higher productivity and better results – If you are the kind of person that thrives in a remote work setting, imagine what are the possibilities if you have a private designated space. Whether you are an employee or a business owner, an undisturbed flow of work can’t be underrated.

We’ll keep your assets safe

We use sufficient locking mechanisms so you don’t have to worry about the security of your office hardware and supplies even when the office is located at the bottom of your garden.

Our garden buildings are manufactured using durable Nordic spruce and pine. This means that with adequate care your garden office will last for decades! High-quality wood, wood-aluminium or aluminium windows and doors with high quality tempered glass keep the indoor climate warm and healthy. We can also provide products additional insulation in order to keep you warm, dry and cosy throughout the year.

Need help with choosing the right Garden Office for you?

Do you have special requirements or needs that your garden office should meet? Our customer support is happy to help! The majority of our products don’t need a building permit which makes the process of getting your very own garden office that much easier! If you need any information about financing, delivery, or assembly, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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